Gecom srl founded in 1977, is a leader with vast experience in the SHIP CHANDLER Field and it is able to satisfy any requirement related to this activity DECK, ENGINE, SAFETY, FIRE EQUIPMENTS, CHEMICALS, CLEANING MATERIALS, EQUIPMENTS AND INSTALLATIONS like Main Engines auxiliary-engines generators, cranes, pumps, electric motors. etc… And their SPARE PARTS.

From the foundation, Gecom srl, has confronted the ship chandler’s market with the objective to reach three foundamental results:

- to guarantee excellent service
- provide competitive prices
- furnish the most complete range of articles

Observing that the general lines of companies operating in this field (based on centralization and possessing their own warehouses) resulted to be:

- Very expensive, due to high number of personnel and the high cost of stocked goods
- Dispersive, due to the difficulties of warehouse management-reintegration and order management
- Restrictive, because of insufficient warehouse capacity and impossibility to stock all necessary articles required by ships (small floating cities with numberless needs)

Therefore, Gecom srl, has faced the problem with a new dynamic line. Even though maintainng an autonomous structure with its own offices and warehouses, has selected around itself a vast number of companies associated together each one specialized in a specific branch (such as valves, electrical material, tools etc...), and each heaving a well stocked warehouse manned with higly trained personnel.
The results achieved were excellent.

Gecom srl at this time can count on a vast number of associated companies that put it in a position of:

- Having available in our warehouse or those associated with us, most of the articles required by ships
- To obtain at cost all articles from the other various warehouses with minimum personnel expenses and goods in stock expenses
- To be able to rely on our own company and on the various associated companies as far as dispatching and deliveries of various orders, at minimum cost

Gecom srl thus may avail itself with the cooperation of numerous associated companies, buying at cost price, providing rapid delivery with minimum additional cost.

Thanks to this structure, Gecom srl, even though is unique and independent, is made up of numerous autonomous companies all at its service.

Thanks to this type of structure Gecom srl has achieved its three fundamental objectives:

- Guarantee EXCELLENT SERVICE with deliveries and shipping in any part of the world
- Providing COMPETITIVE PRICES buying at cost price and reducing expenses to a minimum
- Possessing a VAST SUPPLY OF MOST ARTICLES within our own warehouse and those of our associates